WFT06X-B 2.4GHz 4 channel proportional system

WFT06X-B is a 4 channel transmitter,one entry-level product that could be used for normal airplane,fixed-pitch helicopter,car and boat models.It’s high cost-effective.

Because of the limited number of channels,it’s usually provided as OEM and rarely sold separately. While since the excellent quality and after-sales services,we still receive good reviews from the clients!

RF module:internal
Servo operating range:100%~70%
Mix:Elevon(Ch 1 and Ch 2 mix)
Reverse switch:Ch 1 aileron,Ch 2 elevator,Ch 3 throttle,Ch 4 rudder
Low voltage warning:battery voltage<8.8V,LED glitters and buzzer buzzes once a second;battery voltage<8.3V,LED glitters and buzzer buzzes twice a second.
Charge jack
Simulator jack

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