The first radio gun controller of WFLY. Though it appears relatively late,while it has fully powerful function and its unique aspect.

Having 4 high speed digital proportional channels,and memory storage for 40 models.
Multi-lingual menu display,super-maximal LCD UI,clear dot-matrix as well as gentle back light,state will be clear at one galance.

Several warning indicators and caution lights to ensure fight safety.

It’s worth mentioning that WFX4 has two separate operating state for debugging and working. When debugging,the RF module is off to save the battery power. And only in the working state the module will work to output signal to the receiver.

This is a unprecedented radio gun that can be switched left or right hand as you like!
Having no less than 4 kinds of operating structures,no matter you are accustomed to left hand or right hand,higher operate center or lower,X4 will meet your needs absolutely.

This is a high speed radio gun powered with WFLY native FLASPEED technology together with optimized transmission performance. Possessing such an excellent controller is the guarantee for both you and your beloved car!
WFR04H is a high speed receiver especially designed for WFX4 transmitter,with 4 high speed channels and is compatible with all other WFLY 2.4GHz products. Only the combination of these two can bring about great powerful performance!

Voltage 3.7~6.0V. Low-voltage design to save the power. Supporting a variety of batteries, no more worry about the electric quantity.

More functions,waiting for you to explore. My power is beyond your imagination!
WFX4, I’m ugly,but I’m strong!

●Memory storage for 40 models
Each model can be set independent name
You can simply set parameters of models that only has few differences by MODEL COPY function.
●Large car brake mixing
Brake mixing of the front and rear wheels of 1/5GP and other large cars can be adjusted independently.
●Anti-lock brake systems(A.B.S)
Prevent the car from slipping when crossing a curve or braking.
●Throttle acceleration
Engine acceleration or brake will produce delay before the arriving of action command. This function can help limit the delay time to a minimum range.
●Steering speed
Adjust the steering wheel speed with flexible way.
●Throttle speed
When the throttle suddenly strongly operate on the wet road,the wheels may slip and it can’t successfully complete the acceleration motion. This function can simply solve the problem and help complete the acceleration motion and prevent the wheel from slipping.
You can choose timing/countdown timing or lap timing.
Lamp timing can record a single lap time or total time for 100 groups.
●Trim/Switch function select
The function can assign different functions to each trim or switch.

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