WFLY technology development Ltd is one of the leading companies in RC hobby product R&D and manufacturing. From year 2006, with continuous effort, WFLY was the first one to release the first Chinese menu RC system, the first 2.4G radio system with 4096 resolution, the first 9ch RC system in China. Today, WFLY has developed a series of RC systems for entry to expert users.
      WFLY has put in lots of resources in R&D. Establishing a high standard R&D team is one of the main reasons for us to survive in this competitive market and keep improving. With years of experience, we have developed our own flaspeed technology, DSSS+hopping, significantly improved product speed, easy operation, stability, anti-interference and other key factors, which help us building our loyalty user group.
      In the recent years, to allow more people in China reach aviation knowledge, WFLY has sponsored some of the main competitions for hobbies. We believe through this way, the Chinese local hobby industry is able to be growing in the long run.
      With strict QA and QC system for manufacturing and R&D, we ensured the product rationality, durability, and stability, we have passed the CE,FCC and also many other strict test for Radio devices, and being permitted to sell in those markets.
      We strongly believe through continuous effort, WFLY is able to provide the most suitable products and solutions for our partners.

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